10X Your Year — How To Stop Doing This 1 Thing

10X (10 times) Your Life By Doing This…

Been wondering “What is 10X and why should I do it?” To 10X anything is to ten times it.

One of the major reasons why people don’t stick to their goals and fail to accomplish them is because they fail to start them right, aka they fail to set them high enough from the beginning.

They also aren’t using the right tools to get them what they want… to get them where they say they want to go.



Man, I constantly see people set goals and then either never get started or bail on them. I’m sure you’ve see what I’m talking about in the weeks after New Year’s with the whole New Year’s resolution nonsense (don’t get me started).

Often, most of us were against setting goals, “too high.” The reality is that if you start small, you are going to stay small.

Want a great future? Then get crackin’ ’cause that great future totally depends on the actions you take today. And the next day… and the next. Y’know, daily.

Here are two of my biggest success tips for setting and achieving 10X goals:

  1. Write down your goals every day. Every. Single. Day. No matter what!
  2. Choose goals that are just slightly out of reach. They’re not really out of reach, you just think they are.

These tips and this tool will help open you up to your true potential, which you can use to fuel your actions each day.

I’ve heard some suggest that setting BIG improbable goals might cause a person to become disappointed and lose interest. But if your goals are so small that you don’t even need to consider them on a daily basis, then you are going to lose interest anyway!

Heck, you could even say that subconsciously, you know they’re too small and that’s why you don’t make the effort to do #1, let alone #2.

That’s why while they may start out strong and charge forward, full of excitement and drive… but by the end of the first week (if they last that long), all that bubbling excitement and drive has dwindled and they’re like an out of gas car — abandoned by the freeway of life.

Average goal setting cannot and will not fuel massive 10X actions.

The bigger and more unrealistic your goals are — and the more they’re aligned to your purpose and duty — the more they’ll energize and fuel your actions.

Go out and kill it this year.

Think Big. Play Big. Be Big!

Isn’t that reason enough?


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