2015: The Year Of Living Dangerously And Nearly Losing Everything

“What happened to your face?!”

I think I heard that more than anything else all throughout 2015. Most often when, during the few times I ventured out in public and had to take off my aviators which hid most but not all of the swelling and damage.

And then there were the looks. I imagine it was like the wincing, pitying looks the Elephant Man got during his day.

Runner’s up were: “How many fights were you trying to stop with your face?” and “Did you get the number of the truck that hit you?”

Of course my dear friend Annette had my personal favorite when she delivered, “Ouch! You look like you went to war and lost. Badly!”

Gee, isn’t it nice to have friends with such a delicate way of putting things? Lol…

Anyway, this is how I looked for most of 2015… on and off. I warn you before you click, it ain’t pretty…

v4_what happened project collage - 2015 year of sinusitis

See, at the beginning of 2015, I started suffering from a series of acute sinusitis infections — ultimately resulting in

  • 3 major surgeries
  • 1 frantic dash to the Emergency Room (see the Oct 27 pictures above, yikes!)
  • Weeks on successive rounds of steroids and antibiotics (which ultimately wreaked unbelievable havoc on my mind and body, especially the gut biome, but less so than the sinus infections)

In short, I nearly lost my business because I wasn’t able to produce content because I just couldn’t think straight between all the infections and the drugs.

Hell, I could barely get out of bed in the morning, and those days I could, it was to stumble to the freezer to grab an ice pack to cool my burning forehead off and to stumble over to the couch to wait for the cold and painkillers to do their thing. And then… then, maybe I had a good one to two hours of mental clarity in me before the side effects of the infected sinuses reasserted themselves.

Talk about a vicious cycle.

Now imagine that was your life for nearly an entire year, save for maybe all total 4 good weeks. Total. So I didn’t willingly desert you. I was just fighting for my life — personally and professionally.

Because for the past year I have been drowning and I looked like that! I didn’t even want to leave the house or the office, and the few times I did I wore sunglasses (even when it was night) just to hide my bloated and distorted face.

Drowning in work and projects and priorities and conferences and masterminds and finding a place to live… so it’s been a bit full-on over here at LLUN HQ (that’s the LongLive U Network HQ, in case you’re new).

And though I absolutely hate to admit it, it has taken until recently to allow myself and ourselves to catch up and get our heads above water again.

The good news? The Big Change For Those 40+

During my downtimes and recovery (especially after the each of the 3 surgeries), it gave me a lot of time to think (when I could do so clearly) about what’s next. About how I was serving the longevity and weight loss population.

And my HCG Diet Success Coaching Program… There was something about it I still wasn’t happy with, even after serving over 7000 members and coaching them to be their own Success Stories. But how could it be done better? Was I serving the people I wanted to reach?

And in those small quiet hours… usually at 2 or 3 in the morning when the pain was so great that sleep was out of the question and I was waiting for the ice packs and the pain killers to work their magic — the answers to the above questions was…

Yes… Yes and No.

Overall, I decided I wasn’t… to a degree. The realization was that I was not serving the people I really wanted to serve.

I did not want to continue to serve that segment of the weight loss market that was below 35. Hey, no disrespect but I don’t care about the challenges 20 and 30 year olds are having with their weight. Nine times out of ten, they were mostly just lifestyle and overeating issues anyway. Because they’re not also dealing with the changes of hormones that hits after 35, and accelerates yearly after 40 — they could bounce back from anything.

And hey, since almost every piece of dieting and exercising advice out there is ALREADY geared to them anyway (20 and 30 year olds)… why not focus on those who weren’t being served by the deluge of advice you see online, on TV and in magazines — anyone over 40.

I wanted to help those who REALLY needed my expertise — those who were and are 40 years old and above, who are trying to eat and exercise right but with each passing year they’re betrayed more and more by their deteriorating body. That’s what’s called “aging.”

Hey, I just turned 58 myself and there’s only so much you can do with working out and dieting. You can’t do what you did in your 20s and 30s.

You can only go so far using the same diet and exercising advice geared to the 20-30 year olds.

But there is a solution. You have to do all that AND you have to do it smarter. Not work out more (and I’ll show why working out even less gives you MORE benefits). Work out smarter. Not dieting more and slashing your calories, all that does is slow your metabolism down like maple syrup in a subzero Vermont winter. No… think smarter.


So amidst my fever dreams and nearly hallucinogenic recovers, I realized what was quite possibly the greatest series of eating lifestyle (I hate the word diet!) and training (and I despise the word “working out”) hacks on the damn planet while trying to recover, power through and get an almost-impossible amount of work completed in an impossibly short amount of time.

So I thought we would share those with you and help YOU get lose the stubborn fat and inches… BE younger… feel better… live longer and not only live longer, but have those extra years be filled with more vigor, youth and vitality than you’ve eve experienced and do so in a short amount of time.

Are you 40+? Ready to put your eating lifestyle and training into over-drive and turn back the clock while losing the fat and inches?

You know what to do…

If you’re already on our list… hey, please just email back and tell me what you think of this article. TMI, or were you wondering what happened to me? Why I disappeared all of a sudden? If you’re 40+, then hey, you really want to be in the loop for what’s next.

Stay tuned…


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