Depression Self-Help

2Life15024.jpgIf you are depressed, this means that you are sensitive, and the deceptions of life have left wounds inside you, or that you have made many mistakes, and now you don’t know how to find your freedom.
Perhaps you are depressed because there are people or situations that you cannot change, or because you have a physical disease, you have suffered an accident, someone has betrayed you, and you feel totally hopeless.
You could also feel depressed without any apparent reason, and wonder why you are so sad while “you should” feel happy…
You can help yourself, no matter what kind of depression is killing you, if you understand first of all that you have to be resistant and fight against your tendency to abandon everything and simply die, because you are living in order to be transformed into a sensitive and sensible human being, which means that all the deceptions of your life, and even your very tragic experiences, are transforming your personality.
This is the meaning of life, as it was revealed to us thanks to recent scientific discoveries in the fields of biology, physics, astronomy, behaviorism, neurology, and psychology, especially concerning the meaning of dreams.
The second thing you can do to help yourself is to care about your dreams, write them down and learn how to translate them according to the scientific method, the only one that exactly deciphers their meaning, showing you immediately the messages contained in the confused dream images, which become organized to your eyes once you understand their symbolism.
The unconscious mind that produces your dreams will explain how you can overcome your depression by developing your own intelligence, and by changing many things in your daily life.
The third thing you can do to help yourself when you are depressed is to believe in salvation, because there are many solutions to all problems, and the way you feel doesn’t depend on the experiences of your life or on their conditions, but mainly on your personal philosophy of life.
Don’t let despair dominate you. Believe in a miraculous salvation, because it will appear in your life.
While some people faint when they lose the person they love, when they lose all their money, or something else as terrible as these situations happens to their lives, other people become real heroes with their suffering.
Do you know how many people in the story of mankind have found ways to survive and triumph at the end, after passing through many tragic experiences, being tortured by powerful enemies, unfairly treated by society, and after facing many dangerous adventures totally alone?
Everything depends on the way you react before all challenges of life.
Help yourself by understanding that you have to be a hero no matter what, and find your freedom, your peace of mind and happiness, because everything depends on the answers you’ll give to all questions of existence, on the lessons you’ll learn with all your experiences, and on the transformation of your personality thanks to the knowledge you’ll acquire.
Your own dreams will help you find the courage you need to go on, and attain your goals.
Use all the tools you have at your disposal, and trust the power of wisdom.


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