Do You Hate Me? About That “Crazy” Email…

chesire-cat-crazyDahmmmn… that happened!

Recently, I sent out an email with what some called a “shocking” subject line: “Do you hate me?

And wow, did it get a lot of responses. Mostly good. Some weren’t.

But wouldn’t you know it, there were several who chose to really take offense at it. Now, there’s a very good reason what their faux “offense” REALLY means on a psychological level, and I’ll go into that towards the end of this article.

So, one of my readers Sheila, took exception to it, big time:

“What is wrong with you?! Do you always send out inflammatory emails like this? I think maybe you need a little help. Mental help.”

Whoa… someone forgot their Xanax this morning! Lol… well, I’m not crazy. Well… no crazier than the average bear. But look, it was just a survey. Heck, unless you actually took it, it wasn’t even a survey — it was a survey REQUEST.

It was me, reaching out to you, asking for your help so I can serve you better.

I was just asking those of you who are on my email list why they didn’t take the survey and maybe prod them a little bit. For those who didn’t take it, it was entirely in your best interest to do so.

Look, you’re a subscriber because you want REAL scientific-based information about losing weight and keep it off after you’re 40 and longevity. That’s why you here, right?

But that’s why I did the survey in the first place – I don’t KNOW for sure. And as you’ll see in the moment with my reply to Sheila… it’s why I want to know ,FOR SURE.

And it would just take a moment and I had a nice little gift for you at the end, an ethical bribe if you will.

Here’s what I wrote back to Sheila:

“Hi Sheila, no I don’t always send out inflammatory emails. In fact, I don’t send out “inflammatory” emails at all. And I’m not picking on you or anything AND, you’ve been on my mailing list for quite some time – so you should already know that the answer to your question is no.

So yes, it may have been a somewhat shocking subject line, and I did it for reason.

See, there are many on my list who received that same email and have been on our list for months, fewer still for years, and have been fairly unresponsive that entire time.

I noticed that you have been on our list for over a year and have never responded to an email before or purchased anything from us.

Look, I don’t want the people on my list to just sit there and passively consume information. It’s expensive for me and for you — because the cost of not taking action on what you’ve learned is HUGE.

I want them to DO something. To take action. I want them to sign up for a course, or hire me as a coach, or, at the very least, implement what we’re teaching and tell me about the results that they got.

You’ve been reading our emails for a year and never responded before. Why do you think that is?”

Predictably, I have yet to hear back from her and frankly I don’t expect to. She just wanted to vent.

But I wanted to take her vent and turn it into a teachable moment. To take her negative and turn it into a positive for her.

I wanted to save her (and you) from this…

The Danger of Passive Consumption

I’ve been running my flagship rapid fat loss program, what used to be known as the HCG Diet Success Program for 6 years. Wait… you did know I’ve changed it and rebranded it, right?
No? Oh… never mind. Future email. Lol… 😉

My point is, there are people on our mailing list who have never purchased anything from us in the entire time they’ve been there.

My (very expensive) email service charges me based on the number of people it mails to every month. Those who just sit there and never buy anything costs me money, though admittedly it’s a very small amount on a per-person basis.

Now that’s not that big of a deal to me. I’m happy to support those who can’t afford our courses and help them have some success in age-related fat gain and not only living longer but living those extra years better as well.

No… The biggest problem is the number of people I see who joined a bunch of email lists and Facebook groups and never actually DO anything with the information they’re consuming.

Now if you were one of the hundreds of readers who pinged me back and said “Thank you!” for the survey… for the little goodie at the end… Or said nice things about the articles on the LongLive U blog, and shared some stories about how you DID something that I suggested and it worked – then THANK YOU, and way to go on APPLYING what you learned.


As my speed hitting coach, the scary-fast Dr. John La Tourette always say, “Do the drills, get the skills.”

I haven’t been in the man’s dojo for over 15 years and yet that phrase is ingrained in my brain. And the reason it’s ingrained in my brain is simply because it WORKS. It is a functional truth of life.

We all know, and you could probably count several people close to you who are very well educated, they know a lot, and they don’t actually do anything with all that stuff in their brain. They go to all the seminars, they read all the books, they watch TV – – no better off than someone who does none of those things.

And the reason Dr. La Tourette stressed that phrase so much is because he didn’t want anyone in his school who didn’t actually take action and what they were learning.


Because ultimately those are the people who drop out… who quit paying… and then have the audacity to badmouth him and cast dispersions on what he teaches – just because they wouldn’t take responsibility for not taking action.

If you saw the negative reviews on my #1 bestselling book (the only #1 bestseller in the HCG Diet’s over 60 year history!), you know the type. Sour grapes.

Now as for the rest of you, here’s the deal, there are only three things that prevent people like you from successfully benefiting from what you’ve learned here:

1. The right Knowledge

2. Support

3. Mindset

That’s it!

On here and other social media sites, we provide the Knowledge. Heck, actually that’s the easiest of the three problems to solve. I and TeamLLU do our best to encourage you to Support each other, to come together as a community and to provide insight into the Mmindset of those who have the most success.

Did I Make You Uncomfortable?

Most of those who pinged me back (over 500 as of this writing) in response to my “Do You Hate Me?” email caught the sense of humor I had when I wrote it. They recognized it was tongue-in-cheek.

But there were a few people, like Shelia, who had a strong emotional reaction.

Here’s my pet theory, an informed theory shaped from coaching 7000+ on their rapid fat loss journeys, but theory nonetheless — if you had a strong emotional reaction to that subject line, and you’ve never made a sustained, concerted effort to implement the advice from my hundreds of emails, articles, videos, postings on Facebook and other platforms, then I would challenge your assessment of me.

I’m not the crazy one.

Sure, you could claim that I was being manipulative and making you uncomfortable on purpose. Sure, you could make that case. You’d be wrong about that opinion, but hey… opinions are like certain alimentary orifices — everybody’s got one. 😉

And, I also recognize one thing that is common among most of you 40+ in age: you might be scared, and that’s likely why you reacted that way (if you did).

But that’s okay if that’s you. It’s perfectly okay to be scared and unsure about a new path… a new way of thinking… doing something new… a new mindset.

Likely you’ve been comfortable with being overweight and uncomfortable for so long that it’s become normal to you, and the thought of changing it sends you running back to stress eating.

It’s likely you’ve given up in frustration at all the effort your put into dieting and exercise but something happened after you hit 40 — your body just didn’t respond the way it used to.

So more pounds get piled on with each passing year.

In Life, You Get What You Settle For

I know. That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to bringing science-based facts and information to those 40+. To you, in other words. You feel like your body has betrayed you and you’re upset about it because nothing you seem to do has made any difference.

Trust me, I’ve been there. But so has every successful member who took action, got off their butt and did something — the only difference between them and you is that you settled for less.

They, in the wise words of Dr. Phil, “Settled for more” instead.

But don’t let the fear freeze you into further inaction. The knowledge is free for the taking on this blog. Find people you can rely on to help you, whether that’s me and my team or someone else, and decide that you are going to take action every day to move toward your goal.

And if you can, take one of my paid programs. You’ll get to where you want to go faster and surer than doing it all on you on.


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