HCG Diet Q and A: Which Is The Best Brand Of HCG To Buy?

hcg diet-hcg drops-ovidacSo, the question I get most often from HCG Diet’ers is ‘Which is the best HCG brand to buy?

Time and time again Nu Image Medical has proven to be the best place to buy reputable, effective, and the consistently highest potency Rx HCG for HCG Diets we’ve found.

Over the years we’ve tested several of the top companies and Nu Image Medical consistently came out on top across all criteria.

In fact, they are the only HCG pharmacy, U.S. or overseas to post their COA (Certificate of Analysis) on their website. But then, that’s not hard to do since their potency rate consistently tests at 98.3%+.

The highest in the world, btw.

Let’s face it, you only have a limited number of rounds on the HCG Diet and you want to get the max out of each round. So the last thing you want to play roulette with is the quality of the HCG which will determine how much fat you drop during each HCG Diet round.

Here’s the thing with different brands of any type of drug —from Tylenol to HCG; everyone is different and everyone has different experiences with different brands.

Unfortunately, you really won’t know until you use it yourself.

That’s a bit tricky when you’re on something like the HCG Diet and you only have a little 6 week window to lose the most fat and inches you can.

However, after coaching thousands of members one-on-one and influencing thousands more HCG Dieters online, I can tell you that the HCG from Nu Image Medical kicks the butt of anything else we’ve tested to date for folks’ HCG Diets.

And in a market flooded with overseas pharmacies selling cheap HCG from overseas companies where the HCG quality is not regulated and all the problems that comes with that — wildly varying potency levels, contaminated vials, the HCG getting hung up in Customs… oy vey!

There’s one guy selling cheap overseas HCG but he tries to fool you by putting American flags on his cheap HCG order page. Around the office we just call him “Cheap HCG Guy.” What he won’t tell you that over 22% of HCG is “extra ingredients.”

But Nu Image Medical will never do you that way. They works hand-in-hand with the FDA to ensure their potency hits 98.3% or greater.

Look, if I’m telling you something you don’t already know, then I hate to break it to ya but there’s a REASON overseas pharms can sell it so cheap for desperate HCG Diet folks, and it’s not because they’re nice people.

They’re doing it because they can. And they’re banking on your stupidity and the “pennywise, pound foolish” mentality to buy it.

I mean seriously, it’s the HCG Diet. And when the normal price of HCG is a couple of hundred dollars, then who in their right mind thinks that buying HCG for less than that is going to turn out well?

You see, those offshore pharmacies? They aren’t regulated by the FDA and the DEA. They can import whatever the hell they want to into our country, claim it works and whether it does or not is YOUR HCG Diet crapshoot, not theirs.

They just take the money and run. They don’t care whether you have a great HCG Diet journey or not.

In the U.S. the FDA requires any generic medication to be within 10% of the brand formulation. Essentially, only the ‘fillers’ can be completely different, the active ingredient is still the same. Unfortunately any medications being shipped into the U.S. from other countries are not regulated and those active ingredient percentage amounts can vary from country-to-country.

And we see this all the time on everyone’s HCG Diet.

With Nu Image, because it’s a U.S. company, it’s HCG is regulated by the FDA. When they say “98.3% potency” you can betcher booties that the FDA and the DEA are making sure that’s correct! And what a relief because that’s one less thing you have to worry about while on your HCG Diet journey.

Along similar lines, I get asked some variation of this question:

‘I’m on the HCG Diet, how do I know my HCG is still good?’ or “When does HCG go bad on an HCG Diet?’

The best way to tell if your HCG is still potent is to use those HCG Diet testing strips or just a plain ole pregnancy test.

When you’re on the HCG Diet, premixed HCG is generally good for 25-30 days depending on brand, age of products, type of diluent, storage environment, and other factors.

HCG Diet test strips are designed to test the potency of your HCG down to 15 to 20 IUs.

  1. Drop 0.5 ml of your premixed HCG on the test strip.
  2. Wait 5 minutes.
  3. If the HCG is still good, two purple lines will appear. If not, only one purple line will appear on the test strip. One purple line indicates that you need to mix a new batch of HCG, that your HCG may be expired, or you may need to use a different diluent.

Here are some other random HCG Diet tips that work for almost everyone (okay, they work for everyone that I know of, there may be some odd ducks out there and I just haven’t met them yet):

  • When plateaued on your HCG Diet journey, cut out the carbs… cut out the breads… yep, that grissini (did I spell that right?) or melba toast could be making you hungry or giving your brain the symptoms of being hungry. This has been seen in cases with those who have allergies to wheat products and/or yeast injections.
  • Drink LOTS of water with a bit of stevia in it — on or off the HCG Diet. Keeps the blood sugar nice and level which means no sudden hunger pangs.
  • Brew a big ‘ole pot of coffee or tea (my fave is mixing loose leaf green tea and yerba mate) and drink it as many times as you need each day. You can have as much coffee and tea as you like and still stay within HCG Diet protocols.

How do I know this? Because since I was logging everything while I was on the HCG Diet, then it was easy to track back and find the culprit. Also because I made my HCG Diet coaching clients and members keep meticulous records as well. Why?

Simply because “You cannot manage what you don’t measure.”

And there’s nowhere more true that the statement applies than the HCG Diet.

Stay Tuned. Stay Gutless.

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