HCG Diet TV Episode 101 – 3 Best Ways To Take Your HCG

“Success Leaves Clues.”

You’ve heard me say that many times, right?

That’s because oftentimes it’s what you do before your HCG Journey begins that determines not only how much of those fat and inches you lose, but how long you keep it off.

So to start your journey off right, you need to know the right way to take your HCG… the best way.

In this episode, I share with you the newest updates on best way to take your HCG and why this method is the best.


Are you an HCG Diet addict? If so then do us both a favor and Don’t watch this show because it will just piss you off.

Still here? Well alrighty then… let’s get to it!
You don’t want to be watching this if you’re one of those people who are:

  • Addicted to buying the cheapest HCG, regardless of its potency
  • Addicted to dieting in general
  • Using the HCG diet as a social thing to have something to talk about with other diet addict friends
  • Managing your weight going on the HCG diet several times a year (see addicted to dieting)

You know what we call people like that?

We call them yo-yos.
Because they are following some weird-assed protocol… …or on homeopathic hcg — so they never stabilize.

Their hypothalamus doesn’t reset… Neither does their metabolism…

So, you’ve been warned, okay?
There are several things I’m going to reveal today I’ve never said anywhere else unless you’re one of my Inner Circle members.

So here goes…

Look, whenever you have a choice — HCG shots, drops or troches, here’s a guideline developed over coaching hundreds one-on-one and thousands more online…

In order of effectiveness, here are the 3 ways to take your HCG:

  1. HCG Shots
  2. HCG Troches
  3. HCG Drops

Shots are best, if you can bring yourself do it. Not everyone can… or rather, not everyone is WILLING to do that.

I know, I know… you may think you can’t — and the truth is, you won’t. There’s a HUGE difference between what people are actually incapable of doing and what they simply WILL not do — even though they are perfectly capable.

Understanding the difference between those two in your own life is a HUGE key to success – on or off the HCG Diet.

Look, I know. I get it. I hated needles (still do), and I was willing to overcome that fear in order the get the life-threatening fat and inches off.

What was my secret to being able to override my fear of needles?

I had a vision for myself, my goal.  I KNEW what I wanted and I committed myself to the 6week journey.  Hey, It was only for 43 days. You can do anything for that long.

I WILLED myself to overcome my fear of needles.

But how did I do that?

Simple as that. I HAD to. See, it all depends on how important that outcome/goal is to you.

I was under the threat of several life-threatening obesity-related diseases, plus my doctor was going to start prescribing medications for my high blood pressure and diabetes.

And for me, I never wanted to be that guy — the helpless pill-popping aging male who was on a bunch of prescription meds just because I couldn’t control my weight.

And to put the medical cherry on the top — my doctor wanted me to SERIOUSLY consider gastric bypass or at least lap-band surgery.

Talk about dogpiling all your fears on top of you!

By that point, using a needle to give myself a shot didn’t seem like such a big deal by comparison, anyway.

So, shots are the best  way to take your HCG because ALL the hormone gets into your system. Period!

Second best are the new HCG troches for pretty much the same reason as the shots.

The solid form of the troches won’t allow the HCG to spill out from under the sides of the tongue the way the HCG drops do.

Troches work almost as good as the shots because they upped the dosage a bit to compensate for not all of the HCG getting absorbed.

Making it as close to having a shot w/o having a shot as possible.

The third and least effective way to take HCG are the infamous “Drops.”

This is the hardest way to get the max HCG into your system with none of it spilling out from under your tongue and into the other non-absorbent areas of your mouth (which is impossible)… or losing several days’ worth of HCG because you just didn’t mix it right and didn’t take the right amount of drops (even more impossible).

But the main reason drops are the least effective is because of human error with those silly “Sublingual Mixing Kits.”

Why? Because we’re all human and this is where most goof up their entire HCG Diet despite the best instructions in the world.

Not for nothing, there is a whole culture on YouTube devoted to mixing your HCG. You seen this, yes?

But hoo-boy… those YouTube videos are just as confusing because they’re all shot badly – with cheap webcams, spooky scary person sitting way too close to the camera… no close-ups on the actually mixing… and nails-on-the-chalkboard audio quality.

You’ve seen these, yeah?

I mean, talk about straight out of the movie with that kid… “I see dead people.”

Remember that?

I’m tellin’ ya, we have the best step-by-step mixing directions + a easy-to-follow video and folks STILL manage to goof it up!

The worst part of the mix-it-yourself thing? You’ll never know you goofed up the mixing until it’s too late.

By then you’re weeks into your HCG journey and you’re not losing and you’re hungry, cranky and anxious…

Annnd… you don’t have enough HCG to finish the round!

By that time, you’ve lost anywhere from valuable days to maybe even weeks (depending on how quickly you caught the mistake) — time you could have spent shedding fat and inches!

If you’re going to use HCG Drops… if you must… if you insist… despite the fact there are 2 better, more effective ways to deliver ALL the HCG into your system — then at the end here I’ll tell you who I’ve found has the easiest and most effective way to take the HCG Drops.

That way you can bypass getting enough bottles and vials to stock a high school chemistry lab from those overseas pharmacies.

Stay Tuned for a new episode coming. ‘Til then, Stay Gutless.

So, what did you think? Let me know what you thought about today’s post. Just leave a comment below.

PS – To get the highest potency HCG Shots, Troches and Drops there’s a link below in the Show Notes where you can get your hands on them at a lower cost exclusively for my HCGDTV subscribers.

Oh, and this will save you a little grief: never, EVER buy anything nor follow mixing directions from any site that sells and promotes Rx AND homeopathic HCG.

Everyone knows you can’t trust anyone who talks out of both sides of their mouth.

And anyone selling both on their site is just in it to make money and could give a rat’s ass about how it affects your health.

Show Notes


After the “One More Thing” segment at the end, what I was saying (and the editor cut off the qualifer) was that if HCG sellers are selling both Rx and homeopathic HCG on their sites, then that’s how you know they just want your money and don’t care about what the hhcg will do to you body.

Rx sites who sell Rx HCG shots, drops and troches are just fine. Though if they use an overseas pharmacy then it’s a crapshoot whether the HCG is strong enough or not.

If you’re tired of trolling Facebook and other online HCG Diet groups all day trying to figure out the right way to do the HCG Diet, then here’s how to make sure you take off the most fat and inches possible on your next round of the HCG Diet.

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