HCG Diet TV Episode 102 – Craziest Protocol Ever + How To Know If The HCG’s Good?

  • Want to know if the HCG you just spent your hard-earned money on is any good?
  • Want to know if the HCG actually has any HCG in it at all?
  • Better yet, would you like to know before you buy it?

Sure ya would! And we’re going to go over that in today’s episode…


Be sure and check out this week’s new “Facebook Interventions” segment. , I take on a woman who has the honor of being on the most insane HCG protocol I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen some doozies). You’re not going to believe your eyes or ears! It was so insane, I couldn’t wrap my head around it (as you can see).

HCG Diet TV Episode 02 outtake

A protocol so insane, my brain starts to explode…

Here’s the handy little HCG Diet checklist I developed for my coaching members and thought you’d be interested in it too.

Are they also trying to sell you other items to “Help your HCG work better? There’s your first sign.

1. Avoid other items to “Help your HCG work better?

See someone doing that — there’s your sign.

They want to sell you things like… and I took this from a homeopathic fake HCG site:

“…a revolutionary metabolizer to help you lose weight without hunger pain…”)

Oohoohooo… right?

FACT: Sorry Charlie, but on the HCG Diet? Real Rx (pharmaceutical) HCG handles that trick quite nicely and you don’t need any additional anythings to do the job of the real HCG.

Got it from an overseas pharmacy? It may be good. It may not be. It’s a crapshoot and you won’t know until it’s too late to do anything about it.

And you know it’s the good stuff if it’s compounded in the United States under the aspices of the FDA. It’s one of the few things they do right.

Got it from an overseas pharmacy? It may be good. It may not be. It’s a crapshoot and you won’t know until it’s too late

2. Rx HCG sellers who try to sell you their older inventory first.

Why? Because expired HCG can produce diminished results that looks a lot like homeopathic HCG – no energy, excessive hunger, minimal weight losses.

So always check the expiration date when you first get it, Even If you are having a doc or clinic  administer your HCG Diet program, ask to see the expiration date.

Make sure you see them mix it for you, from that package. In that room.

I’m serious! Remember YOU are the customer. So pretend it’s Burger King and “Have it your way.”

3. They offer to give you B12 “booster shots” and anything else to “help” their “HCG” work better/faster/etc.

FACT: Like I always say, now everyone say it with me now, when you’re using real (unexpired) Rx HCG you don’t need other substances to “help it work better.” ‘Nuff said.

4. Prescribe Class 4 narcotics — amphetamines, in particular phentermine[fen-ter-meen] i.e., “speed” to kill your appetite and help you feel “up” and improve your mood. 

Even if it does sorta work, once you stop taking it, you’ll regain the weight you lost.

FACT: in addition to my answers to #’s 1, 2, 3 and 4 there’s also this — it’s a dangerous, dangerous drug and you should run from the doctor or clinic that tries to sell you some.

“Just Say No” like you want your kids to do when encountering a drug dealer on the street.

HCG Diet Facebook Interventions

Alrighty then!

Time for a new installment of Facebook Interventions!

Today’s intervention is from Susan who wants to know…

Wow! Hoookay… so Susan, thought her HCG was weak.

She had seen success and lost 100 pounds in 7 months but you gained it all back plus the proverbial more.

In the course of asking clarifying questions to give her a good answer, I found out that she was using an unusual cycling protocol  on it for three weeks and then off it for 1 or 2 weeks which I have never seen work.

And she was doing that crazy protocol for **7 WHOLE MONTHS!**

And she was frustrated that her “body didn’t stabilize like Dr. Simeons said it would.”

No shit, sister! She did not set herself up to win here.

Do you see the cause-and-effect there?

Now, she has 3 potential major problems there –

1. She used a cheap pregnancy kit she got from a dollar store.

Why is that a problem, you ask?

Because there is a REASON it’s not being sold in a regular drugstore.

Dollar store items are defective in some way, that’s why they’re selling them for 99 cents and not full retail. They’re either cheap or old items.

That’s why Jay Leno does a whole skit on stuff you find in a 99 cent store.
In this case, it’s likely the pregnancy kit was old and expired… or it was defective to start with.

2. She has overseas HCG which may or may not be too weak to do the job adequately.

3. She was on a crazy-assed protocol on which it is impossible for her metabolism to reset.

Now, she claims the site in question had “many, many successes”…

But I couldn’t find evidence of that.

What I did see was a bunch of people selling stuff and making wild claims with no proof.

I talk more about this in my free webinar “3 Keys To Major HCG Diet Success.”

In short, there’s what is factually true and what someone CLAIMS is true.

But look, I’ve been deeply involved in the HCG world for over 8 years (or more, depending on when you see this).

I’ve actually been involved longer than homeopathic HCG has been in existence!

And in addition to being witness to and participating in some pretty amazing body and life transformations,
I’ve also seen nearly every dirty trick in the book that’s used to fool the folks.

Because I do know this from having coached over 5000 folks (updated) thru the twists and turns of their HCG journey – resetting your metabolism is IMPOSSIBLE when using any kind of cycling protocol on the HCG Diet.

And her results proved my point. She couldn’t keep the weight off once she went off that weird cycling protocol.

There is only one proven HCG protocol and that’s the 500 calorie one.

Accept no imitations.

2nd point I want to bring up about Susan’s experience is that cycling on and off the HCG diet for 7 months?!

Oy Vey!

I just can’t wrap my head around that.

Look, she could have been on the best HCG money can buy and the end result would probably have still been the same.

Look, what I’m tryin’ to say is that there are good solid reasons that the 500 cal protocol, as originally designed, but with some 21st-century modifications is still the best way to do the HCG diet.

And the reason it is because the success is repeatable and it has withstood the test of time.

So I really appreciate Susan talking about this because she may have saved many people from the same fate she suffered.

Hopefully I’ve broken it down so she and you too can look at it objectively and see she really didn’t set herself up to win by going on that whack-job protocol.

And as a thank you we have a lovely parting gift for her today.

Sooo… Tell what have we got for her, Don Pardo!

[Don Pardo voice]
Ah yes… Coach Walter’s highly-valued but rarely appreciated Ginormous Gutless No-Prize.

Thank you, Don and there ya go, Susan.

My patented Genuine Ginormous Gutless In Seattle No-Prize is winging its way to you even as we speak.

Ok… we’re out of time, Big Time!

Those 2 segments ran so long that I couldn’t get to the others so we’ll move them off to next week.

What other HCG topics do you want to see me address? Talk to me in the Comments below.

Show Notes

And don’t laugh about the prize segment. You just try saying “Genuine Ginormous Gutless In Seattle No-Prize”! Not as easy as you think!

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