HCG Diet TV Episode 103 – How Many Rounds Are Too Many?

It’s a star-studded lineup this week as Cher, Sly Stallone and PacMan all pop in to weigh in on a BIG problem:

The unintended consequences of too many rounds on the HCG Diet.



In case you haven’t noticed, the yo-yo HCG Dieter have taken over! You’ve seen them doing 4-10 rounds on HCG and bragging about it!

Oy Vey! Pinheads doesn’t even begin to cover it, does it?

But you don’t see them bragging about how they still haven’t stabilized because their metabolism never reset.

So what did they do wrong? Everything!

Hey, if they can’t be a role model then they can be a warning, right?

Also, on today’s show…

  • What happens to your body when yo-yo dieting?
  • Why do you lose less weight each round?
  • How yo-yo dieting makes your body rob itself?

Be sure and check out this week’s new “Do This Don’t Do that” segment. It was so crazy, it made me do this…

Episode 03 Shennanigans

Too Much HCG Dieting Can Make Ya Crazy!

Accidentally created a stir on Twitter w/this HCG warning:

OMG! Seeing reports of ppl going on #hcg diet, 6, 8 even 10 times?! Are you kidding me?! That’s DANGEROUS. Stop it. Stop it now!

Now why did I tweet that?

Because for the third time that week some pinhead was bragging about going on the hCG diet multiple times. One woman even bragging how she lost 95 pounds and this was her 10th round on the hCG diet.

God… That’s crazy! And no one said anything. No brought up the issue of how absolutely DUMB that is.

And that’s Dumb as in Dangerous.

They cheering her with dumb stuff like “Way ta go girl…” and “You’ll do better next time”

Why is this even an issue?

Because due to bad advice as well as ignorant and deliberate misinformation circulated online about it, you’ll see HCG’ers and coaches alike going on the HCG diet anywhere from once to several times a year as one of the most dangerous ways of managing their weight I’ve ever seen.

They have to do this because they failed to do the HCG protocol right and thus they failed to reset their metabolism.

Look, being on ANY diet that many times… is HARD on your body.

The medical field calls it “chronic dieting,” but it is more clinically known as “diet cycling” which are 2 fancy ways of calling it what it is: yo-yo dieting

Yoyo dieters are constantly hovering somewhere in one of these 4 levels:

They’re either…

  1. On a diet
  2. Losing weight on the diet
  3. (Then they) Stop the diet
  4. (And then) gain weight off the diet

This final stage of weight gain is where the proverbial “gain it all back plus more” syndrome comes in.

Not only that, but the unintended consequence of yoyo dieting is that it ultimately slows down your overall metabolism.

Typically, for every 5% body weight lost during a diet, you’re going to see a resulting 15% decrease in your metabolism.

Now this is how your body was designed to work. There’s nothing wrong with YOU, ok?

This is simply your body’s compensating mechanism working to help prevent weight loss during times of starvation.

If I were to get all science-y with you about this… your hypothalamus regulates your body systems. One of its main functions is to keep your body in a state called homeostasis.

Which is a fancy $25 way of saying keeping everything balanced.

Succeeded in dropping a lot of body weight while on a diet?

When you quit restricting your calories, if you haven’t made the appropriate lifestyle and eating changes, and you went on some crazy, untested protocol – then likely your hypothalamus didn’t reset which means you’re metabolism didn’t reset either – then yeah, you’re going to put on weight again.

Again, it’s nothing you did wrong. It’s just that your body is designed to do that by default.

Your one job on any intelligent diet program (and let’s face it, Dr. Simeons’ original 500 cal protocol was and is pretty groundbreaking) is to override that default mode.

The HCG diet protocol, combined with an intelligent lifestyle and eating plan restructuring

(and one that gives you lots of yummy foods) helps you override the default mode of your hypothalamus and ultimately resetting your metabolism and giving you a fresh start.

This is the opportunity the HCG Diet provides us. But see, you’re supposed to do that intelligent lifestyle and eating plan restructuring WHILE you are on the restricted calorie phase.

And that’s where our HCG Diet Success Program kicks ass over all the other regular diet and HCG programs out there because we baked the lifestyle and eating changes right into the program.

All you have to do is show up each week follow the plan, make the changes and bada-bing, bada-boom…

Ahhh, look at me… getting all preachy about why our program is the best, but of course I’m going to say that, right?

But you get the idea. That is why our members have the highest degree of success in keeping the weight off permanently than any other program, especially an HCG diet program.

But back to our example of what happens when you let yourself slip into default mode… if you don’t make the right changes, your body, in order to restore balance, will send out the instructions to prompt you to gain weight, which then jumpstarts your conscious brain to think it needs to go on yet another diet.

HCG diet or no… going on the diet several times a year – losing and regaining the same 30-40 lbs over and over again puts a TREMENDOUS amount of stress on your body.

The purpose of the hCG diet is to reset your metabolism.

But going on repeated rounds as a form of weight management (more like MIS-management), you’re constantly resetting and then slowing it down even further your metabolism…

Well, you can see the Catch-22 there, right?

Talk about vicious cycles!

But if the damage stopped there, it still wouldn’t be as bad as what happens from the other 3 ranges:

In addition to wrecking your metabolism, yoyo dieting causes your body to “cannibalize”… to “eat”… to “rob” your own muscle tissues and other vital organs (including your heart) if you’re not getting enough protein (for the amino acids) from what you eat or from supplements.

Again, this causes you to lose more muscle mass, which causes your metabolism to slow down even further which makes you store more fat, which makes you think you need to go on another diet.

Yo-yo dieting also trains the receptor sites of your cells and blocks the absorption of some of the healthy, nutritionally-rich foods your body needs.

You’ll also be missing out on other key ingredients such as vitamins and nutrients, minerals and other building blocks that are crucial for maintaining… building and restoring your cells, tissues and organs.

For example, and ladies, listen up because your gender especially has problems with this…

And that’s with osteoporosis occurs because your body leeches… in other words, it STEALS the calcium it is starving for… from the largest most easily available sources first.

In order, it steals from:

  1. Your bones
  2. Your heart
  3. Any other organs that have the calcium surplus it needs

And lastly, there’s the issue of electrolyte imbalances that are caused by all the on and off dieting.

Not having enough of the key minerals to have enough electrolytes can lead to cardiac arrest and other cardiovascular problems!

I’m running out of time here, but more details are on the GutlessInSeattle.com blog & in my 3 Keys HCG webinar.

Hope this wakes up you chronic dieters.

So the next time you’re on Facebook or Twitter or any other place and see someone bragging how many times they’ve been on the hcg diet?

Give a good ‘ole Cher “Moonstruck” “Snap out it!” slap across the puss and set them straight.

Then send them to http://LongLiveU.com/ when they can register for my free webinar “3 Keys To Major HCG Diet Success” on that same page. It is one of the best free educations on how to do the HCG Diet right.

Pass it on, ok? Their bodies will thank you. They may be pissed as hell at you for pointing out their Emperor has no clothes, but at least you didn’t continue to be part of the problem by remaining silent when you know better.

Ok… that’s what you shouldn’t do.

Here’s what you SHOULD do… what you MUST do to set yourself up to win on your HCG Journey…


Ok… I’m being told we’re going to move that to the “Do This, Don’t Do That” segment coming up in a moment.

And that’s the CommentTerry for this week.

HCG Diet “Do This, Don’t Do That”

So my point in the CommenTerry segment was not to scare you, but to get you smarter about dieting.

My point is for you to do this: Do everything you can to set yourself up to win on the HCG Diet.

  1. Only go on the number of rounds you need to go on to reach your ideal weight
  2. Or the least get within 5 pounds of your ideal weight
  3. Then use a very moderate calorie restriction and combination of exercise to take off those remaining pounds
  4. Follow the lifestyle and eating changes you put into place while on your HCG Journey

Whatever you do don’t be like those pinheads going on the HCG diet several times a year!

As I’ve shown you here and I gave you the references to check it out for yourself in the footnotes – yoyo dieting is dangerous and produces a lot of subtle yet long-range damage to your body.

Just because you can’t see it in the mirror doesn’t mean it ain’t happening.

But this is one of the dangers of going on the hCG diet too many times. This is why the dangers of not knowing enough, not having a grounding in the solid facts and being well educated about the hCG diet can come back to bite you in the gluteus maximus.

Hey! You guys don’t get to do commentary on my commentary. Knock it off!

That’s it for this week…

What other HCG topics do you want to see me address? Talk to me in the Comments below.

Show Notes

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  1. April says:

    So what do you suggest to those of us that have done a bunch of rounds but in the end still want to lose more and keep it off? I continue to eat very healthy and clean but still gain. I started before huh at 198, got down as low as 145, but on phase 3 that round could not get the weight to stay and gained 15 back, and now do rounds just to stay around 168. Am
    I hopeless, what now? And I would even exercise at the gym doing a weight training program and running
    On my treadmill so it isn’t a lack of effort for sure.

  2. Kathy says:

    ditto! I second that question! I started at 225 got down to 126 ended up hovering at 175-180. I ride my bike between 50 and 100 miles per week….I also eat healthy and carefully and have also tried implementing the Alternate day diet. Nothing seems to work for me besides the hcg diet.

    • waltert says:

      Oh wow, I LOVE it, Kathy! I love hearing how you changed your life for the better. Eating better… more fit. It’s a winning formula, eh? Your riding schedule looks a lot like mine did before I switched to alternating with other training routines (b/c I hate using the word “workout” and advise all our members to excise it from their vocabulary as well).

      If you thought the HCG Diet was great and you’re over 40, then stay tuned for a major announcement coming: our new BFLAT Blueprint program!

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