HCG Diet TV Episode 104 – How To Stay Within 5 Lbs Of Your Last Day On The HCG Diet

Hoo-boy! A white boy doing gang signs? That can only spell trouble!

But this week former President Bill Clinton, Star Trek’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Dr. Oz and Dr. Evil all drop by to help bail me out.

And be sure and watch me go all “street” as my homeboy alter ego digs the hole even deeper.

Yeah, I know… I’m about as street as Pat Boone.

  • Captain Picard’s “Line in the sand” tactic for keeping the weight off
  • Ex-Prez Bill Clinton teaches us how “hormone-free” HCG works
  • And in the “Help MY HCG Diet Sucks!” segment, this viewer gets sandbagged by the wrong HCG


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New “Help! My HCG Diet Sucks” segment

HCG Diet Breakdown

Yoyoyo… So what’s the deal with homeopathic HCG? Does it or does it not have the real HCG hormone in it?

Tell ya what, I’m gonna let my homeboy break it down for ya. But first, shout out from da stationnnnn…

So what’s the story? The 411 on homeopathic HCG and its sneaky FDA workaround “hormone-free HCG”?

I’m goin’ to let my boy skool y’all:

Bill Clinton: “It depends on what your definition of is, is…”

You tell ‘em Mr. President. Nothing says BS like really firm conviction while telling a bold-faced lie when all the evidence is mounted against you.

Way to go, sir.

Come to think of it, why doesn’t the homeopathic HCG industry hire him to be their rep?

  • Homeopathic HCG
  • Non-homeopathic HCG aka the baffling “Hormone-Free HCG”
  • Rx (pharmaceutical) HCG

What’s the difference?

Btw… Quick ADD Moment:

Let me just ask you something: if the “hormone-free HCG” has no actual HCG hormone in it, then what exactly are customers PAYING for?

What is in that stuff? Magic water?

But I digress…

Those pesky little homeopathic HCG guys…

You got to love them, right?

They have totally confused the market about what is and what is not the HCG diet.

Because of the Big Money behind these companies, and a well-oiled marketing machine, these days when people talk about being on the HCG diet, they’re usually talking about being on homeopathic HCG.

Shockingly most just simply don’t know the difference between the two.

It’s important to be very clear about this – homeopathic hCG and hormone free HCG are essentially the same thing.

No actual hCG hormone exist in those little bottles, okay?

Otherwise they would risk the FDA closing them down and hauling their greedy little butts into court.

“Hormone free HCG” came about in 2011 when the FDA declared homeopathic HCG being sold as a weight loss thing to be illegal.

They had a choice – they could either go out of business overnight or they could add some vitamins and amino acids into the thing to try that mimic the effects of the actual hCG hormone, and then repackage it and sell it as “hormone free hcg.”

And they’ve done a great snowjob in marketing…

How else do you explain adults buying little 2 oz bottles of water with a 500% markup that has hCG in its name and yet contains no actual HCG hormone?

Homeopathic fake hCG is cheap and it’s sold in 3 forms:

  • Drops
  • Pellets

And of all things…

  • Nasal spray

I shit you not.

And you don’t need a prescription for any of them!

And that’s the quickest way I tell folks to be are able to tell the difference between pharmaceutical HCG and any other kind, no matter what they call it.

Pharmaceutical, REAL HCG REQUIRES a prescription to get it.

Walk into your local vitamin supplements store and pick up a bottle off the shelf? Homeopathic.

Ordered online and didn’t have to do a medical evaluation form?

It’s not real HCG. No matter what they call it.

Because it requires minimal inconvenience and it’s so cheap (and now you know why) then I guess homeopathic HCG looks like a dream come true to some.

But is it but it is precisely that lack of real effort that shoots them in the foot every time.

That’s why statistically, most homeopathic HCG’ers never make it to their six month milestone of keeping the weight off, let alone to the three month mark.

But it’s actually a nightmare for those who use it and try to stay on the original HCG protocol.

Now I know… the counterargument can be that ‘if it’s so bad, then why are there Facebook pages with thousands of fans?’

C’mere… Let me let you in on a little secret, another dirty little secret of the hCG diet community – most of those “fans” were acquired as a condition of the sale.

They got a discount if they “Liked” that company’s Facebook page.

Now homeopathic hCG diet drops sellers do this exclusively, never the Rx HCG diet sellers.

And that’s one of their dirty little secrets…

Another one is that many of those people who claim great results on homeopathic drops? 75% or more of them also sell it.

They’re actually the sellers and friends of the sellers who make money if they can fool you into believing their claims of weight loss success on magic vitamin water.

That right there should merit reasonable suspicion on their recommendation.

And that’s the no BS straight truth about that.

But I hope you know better now. You’re watching this because you know I’m going to give it to you straight.

And honey, it don’t get straighter than that.

But I digress… which brings us to our mail segment for this week…

“Help My HCG Diet Sucks!”

“I am being bombarded with HCG offers, most specifically HCG 5000… This morning I am reading your blogs about HCG drops that you mix yourself.  I saw on Dr Oz whereby the physicians said if you don’t take the injections, the drops have such a trace amount of HCG that they can’t possibly work. Your 5 Lessons report just claimed that the self-mix drops are superior to the ready-made drops. It’s no wonder that dieters are confused!”
–Signed, Scratching My Head In Maryland…

Hi Maureen,

Thanks for your email and I understand your frustration!

The first main area of confusion is the difference between HCG drops: there are two kinds of HCG drops: homeopathic HCG (which has no real HCG hormone in it) and pharmaceutical (Rx) HCG, which is just pure HCG hormone.

HCG 5000 and all these other offers you’re getting bombarded with are from homeopathic HCG drops.

The quickest way to determine whether you’re about to order real HCG or not, is simply this: real RX HCG requires a doctor’s prescription – either one directly from your physician or through a telemedicine doctor when you order online.

Now, as for my blog post about mixing your own drops – I’m talking about Rx HCG, not homeopathic.

The segment you’re referring to on Dr. Oz…

Dr. Oz was referring to homeopathic HCG drops when he said that the drops have no real HCG hormone in them. He was not talking about RX HCG.

If you saw my article on the blog where I go over in great detail about the three best ways to take HCG – I’m only talking about pharmaceutical HCG. And the three best ways to take it are… we’ll put a clickable link in the Show Notes for your convenience.

In most cases, the drops you mix yourself will always work out better than premade Rx drops.

On the blog, if you look under the HCG Diet FAQs you’ll see some horror stories of what happens when folks bought premixed RX HCG.

In one guy’s case, he got his from a naturopathic doctor in a prefilled syringes, and when the guy tested it out with a home pregnancy kit, it turns out that there is no HCG in the syringes.

Good thing he checked!

Which basically makes my case that you don’t have those problems if you mix it yourself.

In the future, feel free to comment on the blog or here and ask your questions when you have them. That’s what we’re here for! We would love to hear from you.

We have a lovely parting gift for her today.

Sooo… Tell what have we got for her, Don Pardo!

[Don Pardo voice]
Ah yes… Coach Walter’s highly-valued but rarely appreciated Ginormous Gutless No-Prize.
Your patented Ginormous Gutless No-Prize is winging its way to you even as we speak.

Oh hey… nearly forgot to debut our new segment…

Gutless HCG Diet  Tip Of The Week

What Is Your Red Flag Weight?

You must have what we call a “Red flag weight”, okay?

Job 1 for you once you lost the weight is that you need to keep it off. You to set some boundaries

for yourself otherwise your boundaries will keep expanding until you once again uhappy and miserable and overweight.

This is where the concept of the red flag comes in.

The Line In The Sand.

You tell ‘em, Jean-Luc… err, sir.

It’s your line in the sand. I want you to pick a weight and promise yourself…

And KEEP that promise/agreement with yourself that you will never go over that.

And if you do happen to go over then fine… then you’ve got to take it off ASAP.

That means exercising more and/or eating fewer calories until your back under your red flag weight.

Not now, ideally you would work out more and eat fewer calories because that’s coming things happen quickest. Bottom line.

Now look, it’s normal for your body to fluctuate a few pounds. It’s unavoidable.

Even on the hCG diet with the fabulous metabolism reset, just the normal course of living life and

eating like a normal human being, your weight going to fluctuate.

Now for everyone in my program I suggest that the red flag weight is 5 pounds.

Five pounds more reasonable than the one I set for myself.

And I’ll tell you one more so in a moment now and seeing some weight loss programs out there that suggest a 10 pound range.

That’s crazy! Why? Because it takes too long to recover from a 10 pound weight gain.

However it takes The time to recover from a 5 pound weight gain.

You could make 5 pounds go away in a week, two weeks at the most.

But 10 pounds? That’s going to take longer which means it’s going to be harder to achieve.

I promise you this: you adopt a Red Flag Weight…

You establish consequences of what’s going to happen when you go over that red flag weight

and you do that and you’ll be successful in keeping off every pound of the rest of your life.

It sounds simple because it is!

But put down in the Comments section below… put down your goal weight and what the consequences are if you go over.

Yeah we’re going to hold you to it. We’ll come to your house if you break it.

I want to hear from you what happens when you go over your weight?

What is your red flag weight and what’s going to happen what consequence are you going to pay for going over that?

There’s a whole thing about establishing consequences and goals that we don’t have time to go into

because the ran out on this segment and I’me coasting on the “Grace Of God” factor.

Maybe I’ll do that in a future tip.

Hey, do you want to hear more about it?

Then leave that in the comments below, too.

Tell me what you want. I can’t read your mind you know.

HCG Diet “Do This, Don’t Do That”

Oh, oh… let me see if I can get one more by the director while she’s distracted by some of the Team…

What’s the biggest reason you shouldn’t listen to most #HCG advice online?

Because so many giving it are homeopathic HCG’ers.

What’s the big deal about that?

Simply this: homeopathic HCG’ers play by different rules and can get by with things Rx HCG’ers can’t on the HCG protocol.

BUT… in most cases, you have no way of knowing they’re a homeopathic until it’s too late.

And since I’ve been telling everyone this, most hide that little fact.

So before you believe and screw up your HCG Diet – check ’em out BEFORE you use anything they say!

That’s our show, I gotta go…

‘Til next time – Stay Gutless!

What other HCG topics do you want to see me address? Talk to me in the Comments below.

Show Notes

Tired of trying to figure out the right way to do the HCG Diet? Then here’s how to make sure you take off the most fat and inches possible on your next round of the HCG Diet.

Here’s the link I talked about in the show to get U.S. FDA-approved, guaranteed high-potency HCG and HCG Diet supplies. Go here for your exclusive Gutless HCG Diet deal…

It’s the only place where you can get this premium HCG at a hefty discount, btw.

Also, please leave a comment below about this episode. Did it give you what you needed? What other subjects would you like me address in future shows?



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