HCG Diet TV Episode 105 (Updated) – Your Personal “Line In The Sand”

This episode is for the After phase (P4) of your HCG Diet Journey.

What is your Line In The Sand Weight?

And when should you define it? How should you define it?

Do you do it Before, During or After your HCG Diet Journey?

You’ve gotta have one, you know. ‘Else how will you keep from regaining the weight, the fat and inches you worked so hard to shed?

Look Job #1 for you, once you’ve lost the weight, is to keep it off.


I mean, come on — you didn’t invest all that time to go on the HCG Diet, go through all the trouble and inconvenience to do it correctly, and spend all that money on getting the right Rx HCG just to gain it all back before your Six Month Milestone™, did you?

Of course you didn’t.

And to make sure you can keep it off, you need to set some boundaries for yourself. Some standards. Some “Rules For Conduct” for Life in general and for food, in particular.

Otherwise your boundaries (as well as your waistline) will keep expanding until you’re once again unhappy and miserable and overweight.

This is where the concept of a personal Line In The Sand comes in.

How To Draw A Line In The Sand – HCG Diet Style

Your Line In The Sand Weight is your boundary… your limit. I want you to pick a weight and promise yourself… and keep that promise, that agreement with yourself that you will never go over that line.

And if you do go over it in the normal course of living life… then you’ve got to take it off ASAP and you’ve got to take immediate action and mobilize your resources to make it happen.

“Failure Is Not An Option!”
You’ve to have some standards for how you’ll look AFTER your HCG Journey. And you’re gonna need some rules for behavior around food and exercise.

Above all, once you stabilized, you cannot let the weight “creep back in.”

Leave that for those poor misguided folks who go on many rounds of the HCG Diet because they never learned how to do it correctly in the first place and therefore they…

  • never stabilize
  • turn into chronic dieting junkies
  • become so desperate, they fall for every weight loss fad that comes along (can anyone say body wraps, raspberry ketones etc?)

Btw, Quick ADD Moment: Do you know who the largest market for those body wraps and other weight loss fads are? Yep, HCG Dieters.

To make your Line In The Sand work, it may mean exercising more and/or eating fewer calories until you’re back under your target weight. Bottom line.

Now look, it’s normal for your body to fluctuate a few pounds after you leave the Transition phase of your HCG Journey. It’s unavoidable.

Even on the HCG diet with the fabulous metabolism reset, just the normal course of living life and eating like a normal human being, your weight going to fluctuate.

But your job is to make sure it doesn’t fluctuate over those five pounds.

Post-HCG Diet – My Line In The Sand Mistake

Now for everyone in my program and those outside of it, I suggest that their Line In The Sand Weight is 5 pounds.

Why five pounds? Because it is easily achievable. And it’s certainly more reasonable than the one I originally set for myself.

Remember how I also say, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”? If you’re not measuring closely then you can’t manage a two pound margin. (click to Tweet)

So, I did the responsible thing and quit talking about the two pound limit and recommended the much more reasonable, and achievable 5 Pound Line In The Sand.
Other Lines In The Sand That Set You Up To Fail

Now, I’ve seen some weight loss programs out there suggesting a 10-20 pound line in the sand range.

That’s crazy! Why? Because it takes too long to recover from a that much of a weight gain! Hey, you could make those extra five pounds go away in a week, two weeks at the most.

But 10 pounds? 20 pounds? You’re looking at something close to a month or more there and that’s without being aggressive about it.

I promise you this: when you adopt a Line In The Sand Weight… when you establish consequences of what’s going to happen when you go over that limit and you do that and you’ll be successful in keeping off every pound of the rest of your life.

It sounds simple because it is! Thought it’s not necessarily easy, if you let yourself slide back into your old eating habits and lifestyle issues that caused you to do the HCG Diet in the first place.

Maybe I’ll do that in a future tip or do a segment on my TV show about it. Do you want to hear more about the most effective ways to set weight loss goals and limits so that you always ‘stay on the skinny side of the line in the sand?’

Then leave that in the comments below, too. Tell me what you want.



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