HCG Diet TV Episode 110 – New Tested, Proven Phase 2 Cooking Aid…

Using Braggs Amino Acids to cook with during Phases 2 and 3 of your HCG Diet Journey?

Ehhh… may want to quit doing that until you take a gander at today’s episode.

If you’re not already in my coaching program, just a little preview of the kind of updates you can expect on the latest breaking news all things HCG Diet and more importantly, beyond it.


So there you go. Hopefully you see this in time to take advantage of it! Here’s to your successful HCG Journey!

Got a subject you’d like to see here. Maybe I’ll do that in a future tip or do a segment on my TV show about it. Do you want to hear more about the most effective ways to set weight loss goals and limits so that you always ‘stay on the skinny side’

Then leave that in the comments below, too. Tell me what you want.


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  1. Toni says:

    Nu Image has replacement meal shakes available for the HCG diet. What is your take on them? I already have HCG for injections but would like to enroll in your coaching program. How can I do this and how much will it cost?


    • waltert says:

      Toni, I think my team already answered this question you submitted during the webinar you watched so I’m just copying and pasting here: “Yes and no. In general the shakes Nu Image sells are good for your HCG Journey in the event an emergency happens and for whatever reason you don’t have your typical meal handy. In our coaching program, Walter would strongly advise members to not use them unless it was absolutely necessary for troubleshooting reasons.”

      As far as how much and what to do to get coached — check this out: http://hcgdietsuccessprogram.com/

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