HCG Diet TV Episode 108 – How To Load Smart And Strategically

So you’ve decided to lose weight and take off the extra pounds quickly and safely with the HCG Diet. Good good good.

But a number of people are following inexperienced HCG “coaches” and well-meaning but badly misinformed “advice” from mommy and daddy bloggers, on Facebook and Yahoo groups, etc. – one of the things I’m noticing is that none of these people are loading correctly.

The two biggest glaring problems I see from new members coming in to our HCG Diet Success Coaching Program from other programs, and from flitting from misinformed site to misinformed site…

I’ve noticed the common trend to the things they’re doing wrong on their HCG Diet Journeys:

#1.) Failing to strategically load good fats with bad fats. They use Phase 1 as an uncontrolled wild eating spree with no consequences. That’s not the way to do it.

Don’t get me wrong, you want to have a little fun with it, you just have to be smart and strategic about how you do that.

You’ve got to get in there and you’ve got a plan your loading days just like you had to meticulously plan and be strategic about all your eating during phase 2 and phase 3.

#2) Not loading for the correct number of days. You want to load for 3 days not 2.

This is a huge mistake I see people making. I think it’s because they insist on treating Phase 1 like it’s just another dieting habit (and a bad one at that!) because they have been dieting most of their lives – so they try to cut down on the number of correct days you should load.

This is one the key reasons why my members lose more per each round and have a higher percentage of having metabolism reset and why most reach their 6 Month MilestoneTM and remain within 5 pounds is because they load for 3 days not 2.

See, in order to jumpstart the HCG Diet and set yourself up for metabolism reset you got to saturate your fat stores. And two days is simply not enough to correctly saturate your fat stores.

We tested this out and the 3 day loaders do far, far, far better than the 2 day loaders.

I’m aware it seems counter-intuitive, but the facts don’t lie. And time and time again, across thousands of successful members losing hundreds of thousands pounds (at the time I’m writing this) of life-threatening fat have proven time and time again.

Btw, Dr. Simeons’ original Pounds & Inches report (the real one, not the modified ones all over the internet) clearly states three days over two. And Loading strategically for 3 not 2 days is one of the reasons my members lose more each round, have more metabolism resets than anyone else.

So there you go. Hopefully you see this in time to take advantage of it! Here’s to your successful HCG Journey!

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  1. Jan says:

    Many thanks for doing this latest post on loading.
    Is it possible to get the HCG in tablets?

    Because I live on the other side of the world, apparently there is a problem with getting the injections in to New Zealand.

  2. Heidi says:

    Just wondering if loading before starting the injections count? For example: I’ve known for a month I was going to start this diet. So I went all out and ate whatever I wanted. (Just like loading) Then I started the injections and loaded for 2 days. Should I have still loaded for 3 days before going on to phase 2?

    • waltert says:

      Yes, you should have but no sense trying to close the barn door after the horses have left. You should just continue forward following whatever system you’re using and do your best.

      > Re: I’ve known for a month I was going to start this diet. So I went all out and ate whatever I wanted. (Just like loading)

      All that means is that you started your HCG Diet Journey with more to lose than you would have if you had only loaded for 3 days. 3 days of loading vs 30. Unfortunately, I think you’ve extended the number of rounds it will take you to get back to your ideal weight. Hopefully, whatever HCG program you’re following, they have a bulletproof transition formula to go from P2 -> P3 -> P4. Good luck!

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