HCG Diet TV Episode 109 – My Biggest HCG Diet Mistake

It was one my of biggest mistakes on the HCG Diet and had I not done this, likely I would have only needed two rounds to shed 157 lbs of life-threatening fat instead of the three rounds I was on.

So this was on this morning’s coffee cup from a local coffee vendor.


The Redhead and I have a weekend ritual where one of us (okay, usually she does) goes and gets a morning coffee from a local church near us. They have a little very nice coffee stand called Jacob’s Well and it’s run by a great group of teens.

One thing I really like about them is that they fund all of their extracurricular church activities through the revenues from that little coffee stand. So we like your coffee from them and one of the things I just absolutely love is their little quotations, usually biblical quotations on the bottom of their coffee cups.

I don’t know why but this tickles me. I like it.

I like they are actually making money providing something the community needs and are not just holding bake sales, fundraisers, and going door to door begging for money (like the schools do). No. They’re doing it the old-fashioned way – they’re working for it.

So I like supporting that. I like supporting the entrepreneurial spirit!

“Walk with the wise and you become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble.”

Now I’m pretty sure that little biblical quotation is from one of those versions of the Bible where they phrase everything modern English…

That quote totally reminds me of a very important principle of who to listen to for sharp, concise, accurate, proven instruction on your HCG Journey.

Are you out there following and listening to people who’ve had EPIC fails on the HCG Diet?

You know, are you investing your time and staking your entire success of your HCG Diet Journey on misguided and deceptive people and “coaches” who epically failed and did things like taking 5 rounds to lose just 60 pounds – which, if you average it out, is less than 12 pounds per round?

Who would listen to anything someone like that had to say?

Or are you listening to someone who lost 30 or 40 pounds one time and decided to hang out the shingle as an “expert”? Again, why would you listen to someone as inexperienced as that?

Or are you even bothering to check? Are you on Facebook, YouTube and other online groups and don’t even bother to check if what anyone telling you is not only accurate, or even has proof on whether they done the HCG Diet or not? Or check to see if they’d kept it off six months or more?

Quick ADD moment:
Look, anyone can lose weight on the HCG Diet, or any diet for that matter. The true test… the true proof that they know what they were doing is — are they keeping the weight off through their 6 Month MilestoneTM?

I made some big mistakes when I first began in the HCG world. I didn’t kiss the rings (and the butts) of those in power on the HCG communities that sat on their little digital thrones on Facebook groups and YouTube “communities” like little queens on their thrones.

They hate me because I’ve got the results, I’m the real deal and I don’t mince words and they hate that.

I don’t try to hook folks on bad advice and then get them to order their HCG through me as they go on round after unsuccessful round and advice folks to do the same.

Nope. I tell you the proven facts you need to know in order to go on as many rounds as you need and then never ever go on HCG or any other diet again.

That’s my only goal. All I care about.

LOL… they hate that even more.

No, the thing you can count on me for is I’ll only tell you the truth.

I’ll only speak about what works. If I don’t know, I’ll say so.

But it’s not like the HCG diet journey is rocket science. But it is science.

It’s pretty easy if you do a couple of things. If you chose to not get qualified coaching (and frankly with the great deal I have for folks, you’re crazy to not get it), then do this to make an immediate improvement in your weight loss results:

  1. Resign from all the Facebook and Yahoo and HCG hobby blogger groups about the diet
  2. Pick up a copy of Pounds & Inches that hasn’t been too modified and do the diet that way.

Doing just this… while it’s not the best steps in the world, it has stood the test of time of 60 years. And while some things are outdated (turns out, the effective does of HCG is much higher, for example), it’s still pretty damn good.

And lastly, look, when you get the best HCG in the market, you’ll get my $300 coaching program for $100. That’s less than $1.10 a day for 90 days and then you are DONE with dieting for the rest of your life!

That’s a no brainer formula for success: You get the premium HCG in your system, and you get the top HCG coaching with the most proven results.

You won’t find me using as a “fact-base” other HCG’ers on YouTube or Facebook, or hobby bloggers … or anywhere else for that matter.

I don’t confuse anecdotal talk with real facts.

Unlike almost all the others out there, I don’t confuse opinion with fact.

I pull from my database of over 5000 success members on what works and didn’t work. And what they did and did not do. What were the success factors they had in common? What were the failure trendlines that were present? I take all of that, put it all together for you and you have my HCG Diet Success Coaching Program.

Right now we’re testing out an alternative for Braggs Amino Acids. And pretty soon if it tests out among our test subjects well, then we’ll introduce them to our program.

We’re always updating it because the HCG Diet, when it’s done correctly, is an evolving process.

But only if you do it right.

So there you go. Hopefully you see this in time to take advantage of it! Here’s to your successful HCG Journey!

Got a subject you’d like to see here? Maybe I’ll do that in a future tip or do a segment on my TV show about it. Do you want to hear more about the most effective ways to set weight loss goals and limits so that you always ‘stay on the skinny side’

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