Did You Hear I Was Quitting The HCG Diet?


Why am I quitting the HCG Diet? Beats the heck out of me.

The LLU Team has been tracking this chatter as it makes its way from ignorant competitors and onto various other social platforms.

It’s kind of funny, really. Because a number of assumptions have been made and we all know what they say about assumptions don’t we? 😉

Over the summer you might have noticed a number of changes we were making behind the scenes that are just now starting to become public. And because as I’ve always promised from the day you first subscribed to my list, I would always make sure that you get the best deals and you find out the breaking news before the rest of the world does.

Just as my little way of showing my appreciation for your trust and attention.

So here’s one of the big information bombs that you’re getting first: I’m not going to be updating the Gutless in Seattle blog anymore.

I’m going to keep it out there and it’s not going away, it’s simply just that since it is as one health blogger called it “the best free and most accurate information available on the HCG diet online,” I’m going to keep it out there’s just for that reason.

However, all the latest and greatest breakthroughs about not only taking the weight off and inches off quickly and safely are either going directly into my HCG Diet Success Coaching Program  or they will be on the HCGTV channel or here on the LongLive U site.

So why all the changes?

From The HCG Diet To BEING Younger, Feeling Better & Living Longer

Frankly, the HCG Diet is little bit like a one trick pony. At least for those who have been through my coaching program.

They’re on it for six weeks and never go on it again.

That is, if they do it right… or they only take the HCG Diet Journey for several rounds to get ALL the weight off. But that’s it. When they do it right and they use premium HCG and they have great coaching, they never come back to the HCG Diet again.

That in a nutshell is the whole purpose of my coaching program. To show you how to use the HCG Diet to take the weight off faster than you ever thought possible and never go on another diet again.

But here’s the thing once you hit your 40s, especially 35 to 45, you’ve got to be smarter than you were in the previous years leading up to that point.

We all do.

We’ve got to be smarter, shrewder in our choices, and think things through more because as our vital male and female hormones decline, as our body’s natural production of the youth hormone decreases… our muscle mass declines and our body starts going to decline – that is unless you do something to slow down if not reverse the aging process.

And just like on the HCG Diet, my entire focus was getting you to the point where you get all the weight off and keep it off for life, LongLive U’s entire mission is for the next phase of your life.

Our focus is making your next 30, 40, 50+ years more youthful, living with more zest ,more vitality is just like a tagline says “be younger. Feel better. Live longer.”

This is the next GREAT adventure for your life. Where we’ll help you actually BE younger. Feel better. And live longer while doing it.

Need to get started on turning back the clock? Then the 101 course you need next is getting your weight under control. And the fastest, safest and easiest way to accomplish that is my HCG Diet Success Coaching Program.


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  1. Handley P. says:

    Would you recommend hcg to lose 5 pounds? I lost 60 pounds easily over a year ago on hcg, and have kept it off.
    But I have a little fat just below my waist and over my hips….my doctor says it must go!
    I know hcg moves fat rather than just causing weight loss. I don’t want to “diet”— low carb or low fat or low calorie and just lose 5 lbs for the sake of losing weight. I want to lose the excess fat.
    I am 5’3, age 65, weigh 132 lbs, wear a size 6.

    • waltert says:

      No I wouldn’t recommend it. The HCG protocol is designed for those who have 25+ lbs to lose. A mere 5 pounds you could do in a week or two with just watching what you eat and increasing some good fat-scorching cardio training.

  2. Handley P. says:

    Thank you very much; I appreciate your prompt reply!

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