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Happy Pi Day To You!

It all comes full circle (sorry, couldn’t resist!). This is Pi Day March 14, 2015 and it’s time to celebrate the coolness of math because without someone figuring out pi, you wouldn’t be reading this on a computer, you couldn’t text your friends and there would be no global communications and you would only be able to watch your local TV stations because no processor would be able to calculate how to get the signal around the curvature of the Earth.

Social media and the internet has connected more of the planet than any other medium in history, and none of it could have happened without pi.

Today is an even more magical day because this Pi Day contains even more awesome coolness because it will be the only day this century where the date and the time are an exact match for the first ten digits of pi: 3.141592653.

It’s also the most magical year of the century: Pi Year because… well, you’ll see why at the end of this article.

Pi Day’s date is 3/14/15 (at least in the U.S. and some other countries that write dates the same way), which matches up nicely with the first five digits of pi, the ratio of every circle’s circumference to its diameter: 3.1415.

Pi Day is Here! Why is Pi Important To All of Us?

Pi is the number that represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to it diameter. It works for every circle.  While most math concepts are complex, the pi formula is very simple and is understand by anyone.

  1. Just find a circle
  2. Measure the distance across it
  3. And with pi, you can get the answer without making your eyes cross

Take my bike’s computer, to measure how fast I’m going, how far I went and the length of time it took me, it uses the pi formula. It works every time!pi_ratioSame goes for the odometer and speedometer of your car. Unseen and known by you, those computers are using the Pi formula as well. Think about it. Pi is so incorporated into everything we do and enjoy — we have the luxury of never having to think about it to enjoy and reap the rewards of it! Awesome sauce!

Buzz Lightyear Was Right About Pi

Pi is a non-repeating, never-ending decimal. Which means since it is a non-repeating, infinite number, it can only be approximated. You can never come to the end of the number. Mathematicians have tried for centuries to find the pattern to pi but it doesn’t exist because pi is infinite. It can never be resolved to a finite number.

“To Infinity and Beyond!”

Pi Fun Facts

Pi is the distance around the circle and the distance through it, and it’s the same for all circles. Any circle! How cool is that? No matter what you’re measuring — the diameter of a pie plate, the wheel of a bike or the circumference of the Earth — when you know the formula you can do the math.

No matter how numbers-challenged you are (like me). Cool, eh?

Best of all, circle are everywhere all throughout our lives.

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Think about it, wherever you’re looking right now there’s probably a circle in view. More importantly, the pi formula is in most calculations fundamental to…

  • All infrastructure and transportation
  • Communications
  • Quantum physics
  • Music
  • Medical procedures
  • DNA mapping
  • All air travel
  • All space travel
  • Famous scientific discoveries and the math that describes them have the pi formula all throughout them
  • The calculation for determining the horsepower of your car has pi in it
  • Einstein’s famous relativity equations have pi baked right in (couldn’t resist, again 😉 )
  • Satellites use pi to send your text and your calls to anywhere on the planet — which is a big three-dimensional circle aka a sphere
  • Pi enabled doctors and researchers to calculate the speed and volume of blood flow inside the first artificial heart
  • Want to figure out the position of two planets nearest to the earth? Boom! Pi is smack dab in the middle of that equation too!

Your smartphones, tablets any computer you have? All developed using the math that applies the pi equation.


  • Flying somewhere? Every airline uses pi to calculate the flying distance around the earth. Same equation as figuring out the circumference of a circle… a tire… a planet. All with pi.
  • Manufacturers, scientists and researchers use pi to figure out how much of a substance will fit into a volume of circular or cylindrical space

These are just a few examples of how ingrained pi is in our everyday existence without you even realizing it.

You might not like math, that’s cool. Neither do I. And, I love all the things in life I get to enjoy because of it. You might not get pi. That’s fine too. Just know, that as you’ve seen above, pi (3.14159…) is more deeply ingrained into our everyday lives than any other number.

Without it, your daily life would be completely different. No global travel. No computers. No GPS. No texting on your phone. Heck, no cellphones period! Nada.

Savor this moment. Appreciate it. Think of circles. Pi Day won’t happen again until 2115, when you’ll probably be dead. Sorry. Unless you’re on a program to keep reversing your age, like I am. In which case yeah, I will be celebrating Pi Day and all the blessings it bestows on us. On Saturday 3/14/2015… and Pi Day Thursday 3/14/2115.

How will you be celebrating Pi Day? Tell me in the Comments below…


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