How To Lose Weight, Be Younger, Feel Better, Live Longer

inner younger youFollowing up from my last email, thanks to everyone for sending in their questions. Got lots of new videos created for the HCG Dieters and those asking about how to live longer and better.

Guess where they’re going?

Up on my new podcast, that’s where!

Yeah, that’s right. Me on iTunes and coming soon to your iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows devices. You won’t be able to get away from me!  😉 Imagine, me. everywhere. now.

I’ll sneak you the cover art in a few days.

More on that soon so if you’re not subscribed to my list, now’s a good time to do it because I’ll be giving away some goodies to celebrate when I officially make it public.

So where are we in the year now?

The summer is over. We have already seen a HUUUUGGGEEEE spike in folks getting their HCG and the really smart ones getting their HCG and the coaching in order to do it right.

As the kids are back in school, moms and dads are ready to start dropping the pounds and inches to look good for the holiday season.

Also, January is only 4 months away. And Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas all start in less than 2 months.

I know, don’t kill me for saying that!

I’m not saying it to torture you, just to help you set yourself up to win.

See, these are certain things successful folks do to set themselves up to win in advance. Things that the unsuccessful don’t…

And you and I both know that before you know it, the holiday season will be here.

Sooo, what is your plan to make sure you don’t put on the holiday pounds?

Start preparing for the busiest time of year now, so you don’t get left behind.

But I don’t want to just talk about the HCG Diet today. Because you see, your life… your world is SO much bigger than your HCG Diet Journey.

Each round of the HCG Diet? Phhhtttt… It’s over before you know it. It’s just a quick little six week sprint!

There is so much more to life beyond the HCG Diet. And once you get all the pounds and inches off and once you know that you’re never gaining it back?

The whole world just opens up for you.

Personally, I noticed that the first thing I wanted to know after I lost all the weight and after the months passed and I started to feel confident that I was never gaining it all back (like on my previous diets).

The first thing I wanted to know, now that I didn’t have nearly 160 extra pounds of life-threatening fat weighing me down in life, and I could move like I was 20 years younger and I FELT like I was 20 years younger and I was fit and healthy and all that – I wondered if I could biologically turn back the clock and actually BE younger?

Turns out you can and it’s pretty darn simple to do it. If you’ll remind me I’ll share my latest blood test results that proves I’m 20 years younger what my chronological age.

Longevity and maximum life extension have always been an interest of mine especially after I turned 40. And especially after I noticed that there were some things I could do in my 30s that were a little harder to do now.

Things like building muscle, keeping the weight off etc.

You’ve noticed this in yourself, right? No matter how you watch the calories and exercise, with each passing year you seem to pack on more fat around the stomach that never seems to quite go away entirely.

Just like you’re finding, it all became harder as I aged because my body was going through changes.

After They Lost It, How To Turn Back the Clock?

Turns out, as I learned from my members — as the hundreds turned into thousands and they went through my program – they were all interested in the same thing.

Now that they had all the excess fat off and…

  • Felt better than they had felt in years
  • Looked better than they had looked in years
  • Had more energy than they had in years –

They actually wanted to know if there’s a way to actually BE YOUNGER too. Not just LOOK younger, mind you. I’m talking about actually BEING younger.

Up to 15 years younger within 6 months by doing 1 thing a day.

So I created LongLive U (LLU for short) to fill that need for those 40 and above.

Kind of a funny name, eh? Well, when you say it out loud you’ll get what it’s all about — “Long Live YOU.”

And that’s what I’m all about. I’m going to be sharing with you how to not only BE Younger… to Feel Better… and to Live Longer and living with more energy and zest for life than you ever thought possible.

THAT is my mission.

Check the next email I’ll tell you a little bit more about what you can expect from LLU and what were up to behind-the-scenes. If you’re over 40 and reading this, you’ll want to make sure and pay attention to that email.

This is the next GREAT adventure for your life. Where we’ll help you actually BE younger. Feel better. And live longer while doing it.

Need to get started on turning back the clock? Then the 101 course is getting your weight under control. The fastest, safest and easiest way to accomplish that is my HCG Diet Success Coaching Program.


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