Step 2: Stop The Cardio! Looking 10 Years Younger In 5.5 Steps

Step 2: Stop All Of That Cardio!

Alright, alright, alright — know what time it is? It’s time for the Stoopid Workout Smackdown!

Okay, the next thing you need to do to look and feel 10 years younger is to stop working out so much!

Yeah, I said that. Not more. LESS!

Look, I get it. It can be fun to go to the gym. And it can be fun to be part of a class whether you’re doing spinning classes, aerobics, Jazzercise, Zumba… the list goes on.

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You didn’t miss the 10 Years Younger Step 1: Quit Dieting! Did you?

And however you do it, you SHOULD… no, you NEED to be doing some kind of exercises at least 5 days a week just to make sure you can live longer and live those extra years at a higher quality of life.

Personally, I never understood spinning classes. I mean, they’re fine… if you like rope burns. 😉

I mean seriously, what is up with crowds of people sitting in one place and torturing themselves on a bike that’s going nowhere?!


At least on a REAL bike you’re outside… in Nature… enjoying the fresh air… at least you’re GOING someplace.

Same with the treadmills… the stair climbers… stair steppers… you’re not actually going anywhere.

For me, if you’ve ever had a hamster or know someone who’s had one… you know those little exercise wheels the hamsters love to run in?

That’s you at the gym. That’s you at the gym on a stationary anything that doesn’t actually go anywhere.

Every time I go to the gym and got on the bike in the spinning class, or the treadmill farm with the trendy little TVs where you can watch  your own channel and all that jazz – I could never pry out of my mind that I was the hamster in a hamster-wheel in a very big cage.

Come to think of it, I bet the hamsters think their cage is pretty big too. But I digress…

Now maybe you had that thought about hamster-wheels before and maybe you haven’t, but now I think you won’t be able to step into a gym anymore and NOT have the image stuck in your head.

LOL… You’re welcome.

But here’s the big, BIG catch to all those cardio and workout machines – the treadmills, the stair climbers, the spin bikes etc. – have you ever noticed how little those people’s bodies change from doing all of that grunting and sweating for hours each week?

Aren’t the same overweight men and women in there with you week after week? If what they’re doing is working so well, why are they still overweight?

But how can they still be overweight and out of shape? They’re in the gym, they’re sweating buckets in their little spin classes, lifting weights, doing their Pilates, Zumba, cardio kickboxing, etc, etc — or running or doing some other form of exhausting exercise for hours that only makes ages them faster.

Psst… all those machines and basically most forms of endurance training (especially running) does very little to change your weight problem.

Now if you’re reading this then it’s likely you’re over 35 and whether you know it or not — your weight problem is part of your aging problem.

So to compound the problem, not only does all those forms of “hamster-wheel exercising” NOT put a dent in your weight problem, it can’t possibly move you closer to your looking 10 years younger goal.

I’m here to change that.

But wait… there’s more: all of those 45 minute, hour long or more exercise sessions – they actually ACCELERATE your aging.

Yeah, they make you age FASTER. Working out too much and for too long makes you look OLDER, not younger. Just look at any marathon runner. I rest my case.


Because working out too long increases oxidation in your body which releases free radicals. Now, free radicals are unbalanced molecules, missing an electron and they tear through your body trying to steal electrons from other healthy, balanced molecules.

Now those free radicals, those unbalanced molecules rampage through body’s essential nutrients and tissues trying to gobble up what they’re missing.

Think of them as trillions of little Pac-Mans eating through your body’s good stuff and pooping worse stuff back into your body.

They’re your body’s own little Occupy Wall Street movement — producing nothing and wreaking havoc on everything around them.

And over time all of that free radical “poop” damages tissues in your body and that is the primary cause of aging, wrinkles and the degenerative diseases associated with getting older.

As my friend and mentor Dr. Joe Dispenza often says, “All aging is improper protein production.” What causes your body to create those “improper proteins” is… you guessed it, those pesky free radicals.

And every time you do long-duration exercise – you’re producing even MORE of them little free radical suckers which… you get the picture, right?

Do you really think all of those “core” exercisers (remember, I talked about them in Step 1?) and spin class addicts and Zumba junkies are actually changing their bodies faster than you can change yours?

Nope. Take a look at them. How long have you been going to the gym and noticing them?

How much progress do you think they’ve made?

Be honest, have their bodies really changed all that much since the last time you saw them? In the last month? How about the last 90 days?

I’ll bet you said, “No,” or “Not much,” and statistically you’re correct. Studies reveal that only half of 1% of gym-goers make any significant body transformation over a YEAR, let alone over just 90 days.

Ouch, right?

What about the men and women weight-training? Almost every single one of them are doing it all wrong. Using too much weight and pumping iron for way too long.

Worse, they’re working out like they did in their 20s and early 30s, only now they’re doing that to bodies that are 15-20+ years older — with all the hormonal and physical changes that have happened in that time.

So what happened? Why don’t they know better? Most of them are likely pretty smart people and are educated about working out. Just like you.

They’re Lying To You… And You Fell For It

Why are they doing so much of it so badly? Well, because they, good people just like you, have been fed misinformation and lied to by personal trainers, magazines, and late-night infomercials.

Speaking of the worst of those late-night infomercials… don’t even get me started on that stoopid Shake Weight and the even stoopider Flex Belt or we’ll be here all day! Lol…


Wait… you have seen them, right? Where fitness models and D-list actors needing the money try to sell you on the idea that a motorized dumbbell and an “electronic muscle stimulation” belt can get you lean, fit with a stunning six-pack?


Let me bottomline it for ya — NONE of those people got those bodies using that crap!

The only thing either device succeeded in was separating good, normally smart (but desperate) people from their money.

Lol… like I said, don’t get me started. “6 minutes a day” my a*s.

Look, because of all the bad information you’ve taken in over the years, you, like most of those gym rats probably believe you have to work out longer to get results, when what you REALLY need to do is work out SHORTER using a very targeted method of movement.

Worse, if you need to get a bunch of weight off you think you need to workout longer and harder to get the excess lard off.

Uh-uh. It doesn’t work that way. Especially once you’re over 40.

Now, there is a SMART WAY to do your exercise. You can do it in a fraction of the time and produce greater results – burn off more fat and burn more calories than a 45 minute or hour or more aerobics spinning class whatever.

I train. I don’t “workout” (I dislike the word “workout” and in a future article or in a podcast, I’ll explain the difference) more than 25 minutes a day. Not 45 minutes. Not 90 minutes. 25.

I’ll go over more of those details later…

FACT: Our bodies all age, one day at a time. AND, You can SLOW the aging process down and totally reshape your body… to the point to where you look 10 years younger than you are right now in less than 90 days.

And no, this doesn’t involve smearing special “anti-aging” and “longevity” glop on your face and hands, nor choking down handfuls or supplements, and certainly not continuing to do nothing and ‘hope for the best’…

Next up, Step 3! More dieting no-no’s. More hamster-wheels!

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