Step 3: Stop Hamster-Wheeling To Look 10 Years Younger

Step 3: Everyone Off The Dieting Hamster-Wheel!

Why? Because the dieting hamster-wheel aka chronic dieting… aka yoyo dieting makes you look older than you are.

Isn’t that reason enough?

But wait… there’s more. Recent studies have shown there are more dire results than they first thought.

Going on one diet after another… losing and regaining the same 30+ pounds over and over again has severe consequences including, but not limited to…

  • Leeching vital minerals and vitamins from your brain and organs
  • Low-fat diets starve your brain of its most important fuel — fat!
  • It makes your bones more brittle by stealing the calcium from them
  • Steals the life out of your skin so it sags and wrinkles more


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You didn’t miss the 10 Years Younger Step 1: Quit Dieting! Did you?

Of course you saw Step 2: Why you should quit doing cardio, right?


Generally, chronic dieting ages you faster than your calendar age!

As I told about in a previous step, chronic dieting slows your metabolism by up to 15% each time you go on yet another diet.


Do I have your attention now? Thought I might. 😉

According to the CDC, just during the past 12 months, over 103 million Americans (45% of them adults) were successful in losing weight.

Good news, right?

Ehhh… not so fast because two-thirds of those dieters weren’t able to maintain their initial weight loss success and keep the weight off past six months.

Worse, by their 12 month mark, over half of all dieters attempted two or more diets in their struggle to maintain or lose additional pounds.


And then you know what happens then, right?

When it happened to you, what did you do? You went on yet ANOTHER diet… and another… each time hoping for the best.

Well, wakey-wakey cupcake because it’s like I always say, “Hope is NOT a strategy!”

All these diets… it’s the very definition of a vicious cycle,” isn’t it? Can’t you see that by now?

And yet, this describes almost every dieter I’ve ever know (including myself prior to going on my last diet — the HCG Diet). And the downside is that each time you lose the weight and then eventually pack it all back on plus the extra pounds — it slows down your metabolism even more… and then you go on another diet but…

You get the idea. I call it the “dieting hamster-wheel” because dieters are like those those cute little furry animals.

Once you get the wheel spinning on round after round of fad diets that keep you fat and makes it harder to take off the weight by wrecking your metabolism — it’s very difficult to get off.

And it becomes even hard to get all those pounds and inches of fat goo with each diet you go on.

That’s why in my new weight loss programs: 40+ Fit: The Burn Fat Like A Teenager Blueprint and my new top secret HCG Diet weight loss programs — the ENTIRE focus of any of my weight loss programs is to get you to your 6 Month Milestone™ within 5 pounds of your last day on the diet + show you how to keep it that way.

That’s my mission. Pure and simple.

And in the new programs I solve the BIGGEST problem of EVERY diet — HCG or otherwise.

But I digress…

Now you know why I’m so adamant on getting you to that 6 Month Milestone™. Here’s the science behind in in this latest Stanford study.

If you need the plain English version of that Stanford study it’s this: Those who stay within 5 pounds of their last day on any diet up to the 6 month mark, were more likely to keep the weight off permanently.

Key to this success is making lifestyle changes. It’s kinda a funny the Stanford study was so far behind the times because in what is now known the classic version of the most successful HCG diet program in the world

The same one I used on myself to shed nearly 160 pounds in 123 days and kept it off ever since (2006)… the same one over 7000 dieters have used to go on their last diet ever —

Key to their success is making lifestyle changes and it’s why lifestyle changes are baked right into my programs.

But let’s move on because this is not a promo for my programs. Just statin’ the facts, ma’am.

See, it’s not enough to lose a bunch of weight. Phht… anyone can do that, right?

The real test is — how long did you keep it off?

When people tell me how much weight they lost, I of course congratulate them and then I ask how long have they been off the diet and whether or not they’ve stayed within 5 pounds from their last day on it.

And honestly, have you ever considered how your life would be different if you weren’t always on one kind of diet or another?

What if…

You didn’t have to watch everything you eat like a hawk?

You weren’t always on one diet or another?

What new empowering ways would you have to describe yourself if it wasn’t true anymore that “I’m an emotional eater” or “I’m a binger…” and all sorts of other huggy-feeley co-dependent nonsense that isn’t really true… unless you keep labeling yourself as such?

You quit all the Facebook dieting groups you belonged to because you now know — you’ve got this: that dieting is now in your rearview mirror?

How would your life be different if you KNEW that you could keep the weight off, no matter what?

I’ve got to get you to think beyond those labels that have helped keep you fat and desperate and those old ways of getting your body lean and fit.

And until you can do it for yourself, it’s my job to hold the bigger vision for you. Not keep enabling the old you — the poor hamster spinning and spinning away on his/her little dieting wheel — hoping each new round will be the last.

You know, they say the “definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but hoping for different result without DOING something different.”

To get different results, you must take different actions.

Let’s make the first action of the New Optimal You to stop dieting, shall we?

Think about it. If you weren’t constantly buying all these fat loss fat-burning supplements and other fad dieting gimmicks, who would you be?

Imagine stopping your dieting addiction, who would you be? How would you then start thinking of yourself?

Who would you be if dieting wasn’t such a huge chunk of your life?

If you’re like most, you’d just have to be someone else because dieting so runs your life.

Look, I have bigger hopes for you than feeding into your dieting addictions.

I’m here to break you free of them.

I’m here to inspire you to reach higher. To dream bigger than constantly being obsessed with your weight, and then take action and make that Dream a Reality.

I’m here to give you something else to talk about with your friends than how your latest blahblahblah diet is going.

But as a downside, for you anyway – you’re going to have to come up with new things to talk about!

You’re going to have to “obsess” over new things.

Let me help you get started BEING the New Optimal You by planting this seed.

What if…

You “obsessed” over getting yourself lean and fit?

You became “obsessed with remaining fit and healthy for the rest of your life?

What new decisions would you have to make to be fit and healthy for the rest of your now longer life?

One of your new healthy obsessions was that you…

* Monitored your weight regularly?

* Monitored your caloric intake

* Reduced your portion sizes?

* Ate primarily healthy foods?

And what if, every once in a while, you allowed yourself a magnificent pigout splurge? Free of guilt… free of any shame… knowing, fully confident that you would easily keep that from being converted into fat on your body?

I’m here to get help you be younger, feel better and live longer. And, to live longer and feel better, you’ve got to get off the dieting hamster wheel that you don’t know you’re on because it became such an ingrained part of your life.

That was my mission when I first created my coaching program and today it’s still my mission. Pure and simple.

Next up, Step 4! only 2 more steps to go…

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