Ten Self-Help Remedies For Cold And Flu

11322076759_selfhelp.jpgSome kind of uneasiness wakes you up with sneezing, coughing, and with an achy and feverish feeling. Your muscles hesitate to move as freely as they were before. These symptoms may also be accompanied by a sore throat and runny nose. This may reveal that you are under the attack of virus, causing you cold and flu. While cold symptoms may make you feel bad for a few days, flu symptoms can make you ill for a few days or weeks.

Life today has become very busy and virus spread through physical contacts or by breathing the contaminated air has become quite common. A number of different viruses spread in the air and water in so many ways cause minor infections of the nose and throat that result in cold. Virus causing cold enters the body through the nose or mouth or through by touch. The virus can also become airborne when a sick person coughs, talks, or sneezes and can be spread easily by contact with a person having the virus.
Self-help remedies for cold and flu
From the very early days of human existence, man has been treating his cold and flu with self-help remedies available around him. Nature has provided all potentialities to counteract such infections. Moreover, natural remedies are just as or even more effective than those that you buy at pharmacies and they do not have any side effect.
Self-help remedies of Naturopathy
1) Naturopathy or nature-cure system recommends building up the immune system of the body to fight with cold and flu. If preventing measures are taken at the very first symptoms of cold, further complications can be avoided.

Nature method suggests eating lightly and drinking plenty of water so as to allow body’s energy go toward eliminating the virus instead of digesting food.

2) It encourages drinking herbal tea, diluted vegetable juice, and soup and advises keeping away from fruit juices, dairy, coffee, alcohol, or soda. It also suggests limiting sugar intake since excess sugar intake decreases the immune system.

3) Nature cure methods of heating compress to feet and throat have been very successful from ancient days. It is a hydrotherapy treatment with a series of hot and cold applications with hot and cold towels, applied to the chest and back.

4) Naturopathy always insists prevention. Change of seasons, especially the winter with its inclement weather, cause easy spread of virus and bacteria which cause cold and flu. Precautionary measures to safeguard body will be of much help. Prevention is better than cure.
Self-help remedies of herbal therapy
5) Drink plenty of hot water infused with herbs that can relieve nose block or congestion. Drink boiled water, infused with slices of fresh ginger, garlic or black pepper to relieve cold and flu.

6) Herbal inhaling has been a successful self-help remedy from ancient days. Boil water and mix a few drops of eucalyptus or menthol essential oils. Put a dry towel over your head, lean toward the bowl and put the towel also around the outside of the bowl to keep the steam inside for inhaling. And then breathe in as deep as possible through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.

7) When the early symptoms of cold and flu are noticed, taking Echinacea drops immediately helps to dispatch white blood cells to fight the infection. This herb activates and stimulates the immune system in the body to counter any attack from both bacterial and viral infections.

8) Garlic is an excellent remedy for all types of nasal and chest infections such as colds, flu, and ear infections. It helps to reduce the mucous. It may also be taken with conventional antibiotics to support their action and ward off side effects. Both garlic and ginger are antibiotic and antiviral and help building up the immune system to fight infection.

9) Goldenseal is another herb commonly found in combination formulas and is easily available everywhere. It is also a potent remedy for disorders affecting mucous membranes
Self-help remedies of Aromatherapy
10) Massaging forehead, temples, chest and neck with essential oils such as Peppermint, eucalyptus, or menthol gives good relief from cold and flu.

There are plenty of self-help remedies for cold and flu. There is a saying that cold and flu can be cured in a week with medicines and in seven days without medication. Hence you need not worry or become depressed. Be sure, you can make it alright by getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of fluids.


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