Taking A Stand On Veteran’s Day


Honor The Vets on Veteran’s Day

Today let’s have a thoughtful moment…

A moment when you still yourself in the headlong rush through life, and let’s give a hearty “HOOAH!” and “THANK YOU!” to all of our brave veterans on Veteran’s Day.

So, all you vets past, present, and future…

To all of you who have previously served and to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice — you will not be forgotten.

For those who have served and are currently serving, I am part of a grateful nation that says “Thank you for your service”.

For those who have yet to serve, an awesome responsibility awaits you because we couldn’t enjoy the freedoms we do without your noble sacrifices.

Heck, we wouldn’t even be here without those sacrifices and the willingness to do so.


Remember On Veteran’s Day: The Power Of The Men & Women Who Serve

“Courage is contagious.
When a brave man or woman takes a stand,
the spines of others are often stiffened.”

–Rev. Billy Graham


Please give back to those who have given so much. We never leave a man or woman behind…

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